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Theme + Variations: American Woman

American Woman is a series of photo stories capturing the clichés, societal standards, inner lives, and actions of women in the United States of America today. 

As some of us fight for achievement with intelligence, strength, steeliness and dispassion, others of us cling to fear, ignorance, religious indoctrination, and the “strong man” to tell us what to do. As some of us push and kick to be defined beyond our various body parts, others of us barter ever harder with our beauty, youth, sex, and babies. As some of us rise to blaze a path forward, other of us stab, tear down, and condemn again. As some of us despair, yet all of us must embrace hope and find our voice.

Variation I.  Identity
Variation II.  Fertility
Variation III.  Strength
Variation IV.  Beauty

I. Identity
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II. Fertitility
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III. Strength
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