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Owning Your Voice

Owning Your Voice

On November 8th, 2016, 42% of American women voters put Donald Trump in office.  Of that percentage, 53% of white women voted for Trump.

My heart dropped into my shoes.  I shed many tears, and gave voice to many profanities.  Never have I wanted less to be an American.  This was not because I was a die-hard Hillary fan, not because I felt our country had to have a woman president at all costs, not because it was Democrat vs. Republican.

It was because of the baldly obvious fact that Donald Trump is a bad man, a racist, a coward.  A narcissist of the first order.  A power- hungry incompetent with a deeply disturbing lack of respect for most of humanity, and women in particular.  Putting a man like that into the presidency has opened the door to bullies, tyrants and evil men of all kind to violently shape society to their own preferences.

Donald Trump is a bad man, a racist, a coward

Why did 42% of women vote for him?  Why did anybody vote for him? It was a crushing lesson in the politics of power, the rancid values of half of America, and the failure of reason and logic in the face of fear, greed, and hypocrisy.  “Make America Great Again” is the cruelest of jokes and I am not laughing.  A return to smiling servitude in which I may be grabbed in the *%#!! at any time is not my idea of greatness.  Neither is a bristling fortress of violence and expensive complacency.  In America the Great, women have the most freedom of anywhere in the world, and half of you gave it away to a man whose only use for us is as a shiny toy with a brief shelf life.

This story continues to unfold with both fresh horrors and banalities every day.   As women, as Americans, we can keep throwing rocks at each other, or heap ashes on our heads while wearing sackcloth.  I’m tempted to still do both, but no answers lie there.  I have real faith that we must dig deeper and use our best weapons to confront this insanity: reason, intelligence, open-mindedness, and love.  What does this look like?  March in the street.  Write letters to our representatives.  Put our talents to use in local government.  Make art.  Make pink hats.  Get off Facebook.  Talk to people.  Travel.  Think.  Find out why.  Use our brains instead of our bodies to be a powerful force in this society. 

Own your responsibilities and your voice.